Wednesday, July 31, 2013

“All that matters is to Smile and Make others Smile”

His most cherished dream was shattered. He had spent days and nights working on it. He had surpassed all limits of hard work and perseverance to turn his dream into reality. He had toiled relentlessly to make his “design” emerge as a winner .A “design” that would have made him a millionaire overnight….But probably “destiny” wasn’t satisfied with his effort. It expected something more from him. And maybe   that’s the reason why the evaluators chose someone else’s design over his.

The result had torn him apart. His eyes didn’t shed tear, but he cried from within. His mind shouted “I need an explanation” but he didn’t speak a word. At once he rushed out of the office…

He got into the car with his head full of  “whys, how’s, what if’s”. Physically he was driving yet mentally he was grieving and analyzing his failure. And furthermore to add to his mental turbulence he got stuck in a traffic jam. It was like rubbing salt to a wound. No wonder his annoyance got intensified.

His bad mood and frustration worsened when he had a collision with a car. Though the collision wasn’t serious but  it had created a dent in the other car. As expected this guy had to bear the outburst of the car owner. The anger in him wanted to knock down the car owner but he restrained his wrath knowing it was his mistake. He paid some money as compensation and settled the matter.

He came home, threw his bag and lay down on the sofa, watching the ceiling….

”where did I go wrong”?
 ”was his design so much better than mine”?
“Or has he bribed the evaluators”?
 “Will I get another chance to be a millionaire”.

His mind was churning zillions of such questions.  It seemed as though he was throwing the questions at the ceiling and expecting an answer, but alas the ceiling kept mum.
“Hey when did you come”…? Asked a female voice. But this guy was so engrossed in his thoughts that he hardly heard her. After a couple of times when she finally spoke in a loud voice he acknowledged her question saying “just now”..He didn’t talk anything else.

Seeing her hubby worried she came closer to him and asked “Honey, Whatz the matter”. He didn’t reply. She repeated the same question but he kept mum. When she asked him again he yelled at her saying “Please leave me alone and get out of my sight”. She thought of persuading him to talk but decided that it would be better to leave him alone….

“Papa…………….” a cute little angel called him. His 5 year old daughter came running to him. She held a piece of paper in front of him and said “Papa, Please make a boat for me”. But his dejection of failure had made him deaf, even to his own angel’s voice. His design not getting approved and his missed chance of becoming a millionaire had made deep wounds in his mind.

He told his daughter to go to her mother and get the boat done. But the kid was stubborn and she started pestering him. His anger spiked up and he slapped his daughter.His daughter started sobbing and ran to her mom …

His frustration had grown leaps and bounds. Not able to find solace he left home at once…

He came to a nearby park and sat on a stone bench. His mind was at the apex of frustration. Along with the thoughts of failure now he was also fighting the guilt of ill-treating his wife and daughter. Especially the action of hitting his cute angel was hurting him a lot.He sat with his hands on his head wondering why the day was so cruel to him…

But wait!!!!!!It wasn’t that bad after all………………..

His thought chain was interrupted by a balloon seller‘s voice. The balloon seller was a boy of around 12 years .He carried colorful balloons with him wooing all the small children. The boy was screaming in a loud voice to get attention of the people. Probably his marketing strategy…. :-)

Hearing this loud voice his attention was diverted towards the balloon seller. As he was watching him, he saw that the balloon seller was approached by a small girl and her father. The girl was almost the same age as that of his daughter. Probably the girl was fascinated by the balloon and had persuaded her father to get one for her.

Since the balloon seller was standing very close to him, he could easily see them and hear their conversation. The small girl demanded for a pink balloon. The balloon seller gave it to her and told her father that it costs Rs 6/-.Her father gave balloon seller a Rs 10/- note. The balloon seller didn’t have the change and he conveyed the same .Her father asked him to keep the change.

The small girl who had just become the owner of a ‘pink’ balloon was extremely elated. She was emanating a beautiful smile .Rather a contagious smile. Seeing her daughter smile even the father was smiling. On the other hand the balloon seller who had just earned extra 4 bugs was also smiling…

Having watched such a beautiful scene closely, even he couldn’t help. He also smiled as if ,it was a  reciprocation to their smiles. ….:-) J.

Further the boy(balloon seller) ran to a nearby bakery and bought a bun. The boy instead of eating the bun packed it in a piece of paper and started to head somewhere. Amused by the boy’s behavior he followed him just to know what he was doing with the bun. What he saw next….was a very cute thing

The boy came to a place where in a small gal (probably 3-4 years old) was playing. He called her and she came running to the boy screaming “dada….”.She was the younger sister of the boy. Brother and sister sat together and ate the bun with the larger piece of bun taken by the younger sister…. :-).Both Brother and Sister were happy ,contented and smiling…..

Seeing their beautiful smiles and happiness his mood had undergone a giant transformation. His eyes were moist shedding tears of happiness. He felt calm and good

He purchased a balloon from the balloon seller and returned home.

Back home, he was completely a transformed person. He called his young angel and presented her the balloon. He asked her to bring the paper and made paper boat for her. She was extremely happy and kissed her father. He then hugged his wife from behind and said “sorry,”.  Even she smiled…J
Later that night he retrospected  his entire day--right from his failure to the beauty that he had witnessed. He thought ,
”I can do an award winning design anytime, or I can become a millionaire any time. But I can’t afford to lose these beautiful smiles around just because of my tension and frustration. I can’t compromise on the allure these smiles bring”. He had realized a beautiful truth that said
                               “All that matters is to Smile and make others Smile”

He too smiled and spoke these lines in his mind looking at the ceiling….and this time the ceiling replied back saying
                                  “All that matters is to Smile and Make others Smile”

This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters‘ contest at in association with INK Live 2013.


  1. Sumantha , You have presented one of the best stories for the theme All That Matters :) so nicely you weaved the story from a disheartened and frustrated designer to a happy balloon selling kid and his sister.. u got me all smiling !! Wonderful !

  2. thank you...:-) and its Sumanth not Sumantha