Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sonu Nigam--A Revolutionary Indian Musician

     From Bollywood to Bhajans; Rock to Reggae; Jazz to Ghazhals;   cut across several languages this “musician” emanates only one vibe and that’s “awesomeness”. If at times you have wallowed in waves of romance, or moved your body out of madness in response to a particular song the likelihood of involvement of this magical voice is very high. He is the “cherry” among the cream of “contemporary singers “in India. He is none other than “Sonu Nigam”

         He started as a kid by singing “kya hua tera wada” on stage...and then onwards he has never looked back. He caught everyone’s eye with “accha sila diya tune” and then went on to deliver some of his early major hits like “Sandes ate hain” and “Yeh dil deewana”. He was one of the foremost reformers in the renaissance of indipop with some of the classic albums like “Deewana “,”Yaad “etc

       The elegance in technique and the hold on connecting to emotions were portrayed when he rendered songs like “Fiza”,”Satarangi re” .His best  came out with songs like “Suraj hua madham”,”Saathiya” and he  witnessed one of his pinnacle points when he rendered  “kal ho na ho” for which he received  the “National Award”. Calling him a “voice of love” won’t be an exaggeration when you listen to songs like “In lamho ke daaman mein”, “Tumko Paaya hai ke “,”Piyu bole etc”. And with age his singing is getting even better. His rendition of “Abhi mujhe mein kahi” is an illustration to my statement.

      He has sung huge number of songs in many languages apart from “Hindi” .But Kannada has been the highest. Whenever he sings numbers like “Mungaru male”,”Anisutide…”or “Ninindale”  etc  he just makes sure people reciprocate the emotions of the song. He even did a beautiful kannada album called “Neene bari Neene”.

     Well I think Sonu is just not a musician. He is a revolutionary musician. Experiments and a carving for new stuff has been his “mantra” all along. He came up with album called “classically mild” –which was like a revolution in presentation of classical music to the mass. His album named “time travel” is a true illustration to his “innovative approach”. He spearheaded the collaboration culture in Indian music  industry and as a result delivered some of his best collaborative ventures of the likes of “this is it”( a tribute to MJ)”, ”a collaboration with jay sean and the recent in EDM music “India levels” (with Avicci).

   He is one of the finest stage performers too. Do attend one of his concerts and undoubtedly you will be mesmerized with his stage presence. He is now venturing into the composing sector and as expected he is doing a great job there too…..
Kudos Sonu Nigam.Keep bringing more awesomeness in music. And as you always say  

                       “You are a true musician in a complete sense”


  1. He is my fav and the way he has sung 'Abhi mujhe mein kahi..' in Agneepath is commendable. He can also imitate and sing in other singer's voice. This is another quality which shows his versatility! Tees Maar Kha title song is sung by him in which he sings in female voice too! Nice! :)

    1. hi karan..totally agree with you.And the tees maar khan title track he has sung in over 50 voices

  2. It is sheer hard work and dedication that took him where he is. Great guy!

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