Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Food Analysis

     While I was retrospecting the food habits ever since we started our career, this is what I found out.

1)  The no of restaurants that we try out has drastically increased...And it’s just not any restaurant ...We are hitting big names like Barbeque Nation, Copper Chimney, Little Italy,HRC,TOIT, etc...(I am talking considering Bangalore city...names of the restaurants is subject to change according to the cities  ...)

2) Pizzas, pastas, sizzlers etc are no longer consumed once in a while. The frequency of consumption has augmented (And as far as Dominos, Pizza hut are considered I think we have become the prime customers (in our locality) owing to the number of orders we place)

3) If you want to eat at need not rush to Railway Station or Bus Stand ...we have Empire to our rescue

4)  Gone are those days when McDonalds and KFC were the sought after eating locations.. (Some of my friends used to travel 100kms from Belgaum to Kolhapur to eat at McDonalds)...We hardly give a damn to McDonalds nowadays, It happens to be our last option if nothing is there

5) Our Breakfast is mostly taken care by "Anand Bhavan" and the "Shanti Sagar" restaurant chain.

6) As far as those who stay in Pgs are concerned, I think their taste buds have become tired of typical Andhra food.!!!

      But there is one thing that we miss a lot...The delicious food made by mom. When we used to get it on a regular basis we hardly paid heed to it..We were of the opinion that "who is going to eat the same food daily"...But now we realize that it is the best; Nothing can beat it...You see that’s why we will be waiting for an opportunity to rush to our homes and have that homely food... J J
       Now this makes me remember the famous statement by mother’s  whenever we skipped the food "Ond tinglu horga idbek ninna amele mani utaddu mahatva gottagutte "  which means if you stay away from home for a month u will realize the importance of home food…and I think I have realized and also internalized this statement JJ