Friday, July 19, 2013

“Our complaint Is Someone’s Prize”

   Advice's are free and hence are in abundance. Parents, Friends, and Society in general dole out countless advice's to you almost every day with a “holy” intention of making you a good person and to teach you the “Art of Living” :P . Through their advice's they share their doctrines of the “Do right” philosophy which  they believe will act as guiding principles for you. But alas, nothing of that sort happens most of the times.

    We generally  learn our life lessons through our personal experiences. Here are two such experiences of mine that taught me an important lesson. Actually speaking, one taught the lesson, and the other strengthened the teaching.

Experience  #1
           I had been to my village for a vacation.One fine day myself  and my cousin were sitting in the bus-stand  talking some random stuff.I think time was around 6 p.m.(Basically in villages, bus-stands are major destinations for  passing time. Sometimes they get converted to “pubs” ,“smoking zones” and even casinos).

     There was an old woman sitting in front of us selling vegetables. She seemed to be a skilled business woman attracting customers by giving “vegetable” promotions, discounts and at times bad-words too. People used to come to her, bargain in loud voices and once there was mutual agreement the “vegetable” deal would be done. This routine  went on daily.

          Realizing that it was dark she turned to us and asked what the time was. I told that it was 7 .15.
”Oh ,its late and I think its time to go home.” She  said in kannada. She put all the vegetables in her basket and started to roll her towel which she uses as cushion for her head over which the vegetable basket is placed. While doing this  activity she asked when will the bus for “Soraba” ( a nearby village) come. My cousin replied that you will get a bus in 10 mins and if you miss that you will have two more buses at an interval of 5 to 10 mins. We then ignored her and continued  with our talks.
          While we were talking we observed a weird behavior from the old women. Two buses that bore the board  Soraba came to  bus-stand.But she didn’t board any.On the other hand every time the bus came she went to the conductor talked something  ,and came back.
          I observed this and asked her why was she doing like this. When she replied to my question she not only gave the answer but also an important life lesson. She said that the two buses that passed by, charge 15 rs to soraba,while there is another local bus which charges  14 rs. If she goes  in that bus she will save 1 rupee and  she can use the same for other purposes. Saying this she left as the bus for which she was waiting arrived.
         On the other hand here  I was dumbstruck after  listening to her answer.I pondered over her words.I thought “We are fortunate enough to have a decent amount of  money with us. A difference of a rupee,or two or even 10 ,20 Rs, doesn’t count..But for some every rupee counts. “

Experience #2
   I had come to my hometown for a weekend .And since I had booked my ticket on Sunday night with a well known travels I was waiting for my bus at their pickup point. The bus was supposed to come at around 11 p.m.But I couldn’t find any sign off its arrival, even though the time was 11 45 p.m. So I looked around to initiate a conversation with someone and check if they are boarding the same bus.
   I saw a young guy standing with his luggage. I thought he must be another software engineer who has come for weekend, and is heading back to Bangalore to attend his office on Monday. So I assumed he is the right person to talk to and I approached him .I asked him if he is boarding the same bus as that of mine, to which he replied in negative. I nodded my head and said its fine.

   We then started talking some random stuff in order to pass time until the bus arrived.We exchanged our names and dwelling info and then he asked me about what I do in Bangalore. I replied saying that I work in Xyz Company in so and so place. I also added that I am pretty bored with routine work and not enjoying it so much.

 I then asked him about what he does in Bangalore.”I work in some abc company in so and so place “ was the typical reply that I had expected. But he shocked me saying  that he is searching for job. He then intensified the shock by saying that he is searching the job from past 2 years…I was takenaback.
  All along the conversation he, was asking about the corporate world. His eyes and words had that eagerness while they also showed the frustration and helplessness of not getting a job .It became evident when he said “I have been trying from the past two years but nothings working out.Please tell me what to do to get a job…anything it might be” .I was moved by his words and I offered him the advice what to do and how to prepare for job interviews.

   In the meanwhile my bus came and I left wishing him “good luck”. During the journey I mulled over the conversation which we had.  “ We often time complain about our jobs, saying something or the other lacks in it. Agreed that we are bored by the mundane routine. But we are still better when compared to that job aspirant. For him nothing else matters.All that matters is a “Job” for which he is trying since 2 years “


          Complaining is what we do most of the times. We always complain about our jobs ,relationships,and many other things.The moment we have something we complain  that we don’t have some other thing. Its a very good thing to keep exploring and experiencing new  and different stuff . But sometimes  It’s nice to stop complaining and be grateful about what we already have because
                                            “Our complaint Is Someone’s Prize”

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  1. Wow very nice read...and the lesson you learned from your experience is also appreciable...And it is true we learn by our personal experience... :-)