Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shopping 2030

      I sat on the couch –Tired of giving opinions. More than 3 hours had passed ,but there was no hint of any selection made. I think now you  are wondering  what I was up to .Well let me reveal it to you right away. I was with my gal at this garment/apparel (or whatsoever) shop situated in a big mall. I was literally tired with the no of dresses she was trying and  the opinions I had to give for every dress she wore. It was almost 3 hours that I was going through this trying situation. And after enduring this for 3 hours she said no dress appealed to her .I was like WTF.

      Back home I sat on the couch watching T.V..Just then my phone beeped. It was a mail from Indiblogger regarding their new contest. It  was a contest held in association with eBay and the theme of the contest was “How do you imagine shopping in 2030”.Almost instinctively my mind replied…”I imagine women selecting their dresses pretty quickly and their husbands/boyfriends/bothers/  spared from becoming  victims of feminine shopping”.

     After a while My brain ‘stormed’ and came up with some more thoughts about shopping In 2030 which are  as follows..

Holographic 3D projections
    Just imagine you are shopping some dress for yourself or may be a jewellery  online. You love the dress so much but you are not sure whether the size fits in aptly for you. You see a unique jewellery-meticulosuly designed. But you feel it would be nice if you could witness how gorgeous it would make you before buying. With current  online shopping this ain't possible right now.

    Now just imagine the same shopping scenario in 2030.Adjacent to you is a Holographic 3D Projection of your own self  on which you can drag and Drop every dress or every accessory. And then if that seems right you can buy it without any worries.Sounds great isn’t it?

     If you aren’t aware what holographic 3D projection is  then check this video..

Online Customization
     You find an awesome Jacket during your online shopping session. It looks great .Something which will make you more presentable. But then your mind says “Every thing looks great except that embroidery or Print on it”. And it so happens that eventually you drop off buying  the jacket due to that awkward print or embroidery.

      Now just imagine if you could  remove  that awkward embroidery or print with just a click of mouse and then buy that befitting Jacket Happily. Sounds awesome isn’t it?

Holographic 3D Projection coupled with Online Customization can prove to be a great feature in  Online Shopping.

Scan and Buy
      You go to a friend’s house and find a beautiful furniture set. It’s almost like a love at first sight when you see the furniture. You want to possess one such. But then finding something alike in market or online is itself a tedious task.

      But now lets imagine that you have a mobile app that can solve this problem. All you have to do is open your app,and take a photo of it and upload it to the server. The server will scan the photo and will give you the results on your mobile  that consist of  furniture sets alike with the best possible price.

      Scan and Buy feature will look great when its used along with Google glasses. All you have to do is see the stuff you want to buy and give a voice command.If you aren’t aware of  Google Glasses check the video here

Gift what they like
      Its always nice when you get a gift;Its nicer when you get a gift which you like.And if you are the person who  is giving the gift you would always want to give a gift which the other person likes.But the question is how would you determine their liking.?

      How about this.

      The online shopping company must maintain a social network within itself. Each profile has its own interests mentioned.When  ever you are giving gifts to your friends or family it will automatically pop up their interests and you can gift accordingly.

      Maintaining a social network within e-commerce would help since everyone in the network will be reminded of special occasions like birthdays ,Marriage etc and they can choose the gifts right away and send.

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