Friday, November 21, 2014

A time travel to childhood days

When I saw this Blogging contest about Rhymes and childhood stories  by Blogadda i was very Intrigued.I then started watching those videos,of Kids Hut.Man,what an experience it was.It was a straight time travel to my Childhood.It reminded me of my GrandMa who used to tell me all those stories in a picturesque way.
We as kids didnt have access to IPads/Doremon/Chota Bheem .All we had was those cute morally rich stories told by my Grandma and others.These stories left us with great memories and great teachings..Let me share 2 such stories with you

Story 1:

 This story i still remember the way i read it in a story book with big fonts.It so happened that i was very much fascinated by this story.So i ended up byhearting the story.I think I was in H.K.G at that time.So next morning i went to school and told my teacher that i know this story of "Lion and the Mouse".So the teacher asked me to tell the story to her.I went head and told her the complete story.She was very much Impressed.She asked me to tell the story in front of the whole class.I did and got a thunderous applause.(Offcourse the teacher asked the students to applaud ) . It didnt end here.Next up my teacher took me to another division and made me tel the story again.So i did again getting a huge applause.
           When i think about this now ,i just remember such a beautiful experience it was.Also the story in itself teaches a big morale of helping each other

Story 2:

Yet another beautiful story from my childhood.I remember my Grandma and Mother telling me this story often at bed time and at the end of the story they used to emphasize the importance of being clever.The story was so ingrained in me that whenever my relatives used to visit i used to bug them with this story and few others.
           The short simple story has  lot of relevance even to this day.It shows the importance of creativity and out of box thinking...Kudos to the story ....

I congratulate Kidz hut for doing such a beautiful job.They have somehow kept alive the art of story telling for our dear kids ,while the parents are busy in meeting deadlines.Keep more interesting stuff coming.All the best..

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