Friday, October 7, 2016

Social media envy and how to deal with it

"I had this feeling that why is that things are not working for me.I have been putting effort and all but the moment I see my peers showcasing their achievements on social media I get depressed. Not that I don't appreciate their achievement but it makes me wonder why I am nt able to achieve those things which they are flaunting about.Whats the short coming in me and so on"

How many of you have gone through these kind of feelings.Almost everyone at some point or the other isnt it...Those "when it will happen to me" moments when you see someone post about holidays,their new car their new achievement...etc.

And then it so happens that you either self deprecate yourself or find something wrong with their achievement..

So if you relate to any of these steps here are a few things that can make you feel better

Gratitude- Make a list of all the good things that have happened to you .List Everything; that compliment you got for the dress or that moment when you kicked some bad habit..List everything

The other side of those social media posts:The truth is people only post what is best on social media.For every sexy dp there would have been countless bad photos in their mobile .For every achievement posted there would have been countless failures that go unreported.So understand this and chill

Everyone has his own carved path: You always compare saying why did that guy/gal got the opportunity while he/she wasn't so deserving.Why don't I get to know about these opportunities..But the fact is everyone has his/her own carved path.They might have some other opportunities destined for them.So comparing is irrelevant

Keep working and Network:So all you have to do now is sit down and understand what you want and start working.Also be good and Network with others.This will help you achieve your goal faster

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