Monday, November 18, 2013

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   We boast a lot …isn’t it? “Our Country is shining;We are a major IT hub of the world;We have launched innumerable satellites …in space and so on…I don’t mean these are trivial things..These are in fact great achievements .Agreed!! they are worth boasting…But while we are doing this we are ignoring something; rather a major thing..The villagers and the villages..
    India is definitely a land of Intellectuals…but a major population of India is ignorant...They are not aware that India is shining..Nor they have heard the word satellite..All they worry is how to fill their stomach for the day..They have no time to give a shit about anything else…
    Justifying my opening statement we have no right to boast until we improve the condition of these masses. And raising my voice on these lines I have some ideas listed below that I think will help for their betterment..

        1)   Education in Practical Sense:   It’s commendable that many NGOs are working towards educating the rural masses.The condition has improved a lot now.But there is a shortcoming here.You find many people in the villages educated but they are not knowledgeable..I hope you understand the difference between literacy and knowledge. Let  me give you some examples:
*) The  Government comes up with so many schemes for the poor.Subsidies,BPL card..etc  .But how many of the rural people are aware of it.They don’t have a clue at all that such a scheme exists. The end result is they will never reap benefits out of these.Only the government officials and Politicians gain benefits form this which is manifested in the form of those huge tummies..:P
*)The Political Education: Most of the age old people and those dwelling in remotely places have a false picture of political system.Trust me in some places they still think Congress means Indira Gandhi.They are unaware of how some of the Politicians are looting India by consuming Coal,Fodder etc..If people are going to be so ignorant then the true purpose of democracy is not served .All we end up is in a vicious cycle of Corruption
    So my take on this is along with the normal process of making people literate..they should be given education in these lines.
    There should be some volunteer from some NGO educating them about the schemes that are made for them; help them avail the schemes battling the corrupt challenges posed by the government offices that issue them.
     There should be someone who can rightly and convincingly educate them about current Political conditions.We don’t want someone to vote considering some ancient leader…right!!!!

      2)  Agriculture:  We consider agriculture to be the backbone of our country rite..Then I would hypothesize that the backbone is weak and soon it will break…let me share an experience of mine to you  in this regard…

I was travelling in a bus .I found out that my co-passenger was a farmer.I was just inquiring him about farming.What I found out was that he was a frustrated farmer.He told me that he is never going to bring any of his children into farming..He was frustrated with the middle man intervention,.The crops getting deceased ..not getting the right remuneration for his hard work etc…This is not the right way to nourish our backbone right?
Further I found out that he still uses the age old methods of farming.There was no awareness in him about the modern  technologies used in farming.

I urge NGOs to concentrate on this aspect very much.Some how we need to solve this .We cant have frustrated farmers.They need to get the right price for their crops.They need to be educated about simple and effective techniques about modern farming.I had done a few projects related to agriculture.Let me share it with that you can take a cue from this and help them out

·         Mulching Process:  In mulching process the bed of the plants is covered with organic waste like dried leaves,twigs etc..When it is coupled with drip irrigation it brings a lot of benefits to the farmers..The dried leaves serve as organic fertilizers to the plants.Since the plant bed is covered there is no soil drain ..the drip irrigation makes sure that water is supplied in correct amounts not extra nor less…and many other benifits.And moreover its a very economic method.In Fact you need not spend anything at all.
·         Flyash use in agriculture: The soot that gets accumulated in chimneys when removed turns into a blackish powder called Flyash .,,This has a lot of agricultural benefits,,Again an economical method

·         Use of robotics in Agriculture: There is   a lot of labor problem in India.You don’t get the labor at right time and they are demanding too..So how about using Robots in Agriculture like the west..The robots do everything from sowing till harvesting..And as far as cost is concerned if u analyze the cumulative costs of current agriculture and robotic agriculture ,the latter turns out to be cheaper..

      3)  Help in Hospitals: This is from a personal experience .I have seen a lot of villagers who look like confused frightened souls in hospital's.They don’t know what to do.They stand in unnecessary queues all the time only to find out that they were in wrong queue.Some hospitals exploit them too..(Not all,Some hospitals are very good in this regard .They treat some Patients for free).And again there is lack of education that shows its presence.There are so many schemes like Yashashwini etc which they are unaware of.

         Some group of volunteers or some NGOs  must be there in these hospitals to help them out and show them the correct way.
4)   Corporate Social Responsibility : It’s a great job that all Corporate giants are involved in social welfare programs.With Sachin pilot introducing the mandate that every company must spend 2 percent on social welfare the activites have become even more.But the shortcoming I see here is there is no unified planned effort because of which there is no profound impact.Some company cleans a lake while the other visits a orphanage and so on…

      If the NGOs and Corporate can sit together and chalk out a plan then the money and effort will be well directed creating a profound impact.

Lets all wish for a better India,Better world,and above all better humanity.

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