Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar -Legend Redefined

      5ft five inch height. A smiling face, reflecting calmness and determination at the same time .A personality beaming incessant passion for the game of Cricket. Be it the straight drive or paddle sweep;backfoot punch or cut; leg glance or hook ;he has the rare distinction of coating every shot with flamboyance. Be it the in swinger or out swinger ;off spin or leg spin; Yorker or Bouncer; He can face it all with  ease, perfection and smile. If cricket is a crown he is the diamond in it. That’s –SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR….for you…
      Records seem to be his close friend. You name it he has it. Most number of runs in one days and Test. Most centuries and fifties .Most number of matches played in both formats…oh the list is endless…
      Even after having almost all records under his name his hunger did not die..Every time he came to the field he depicted that passion. That  endless hunger for runs was always seen in him…right from the age 0f 16 till the age of 40.Oh it was treat to watch him on the field..Not just batting..He excelled as a bowler too and even fielding. The commitment ;the attitude of giving his 100 percent was seen in his every aspect of cricket….The respect he has for the game is immense
    Another unparalleled trait of his is Humility. He has all records under his name, a billion people as his fans, yet there has not been a case of arrogance .Never was he involved in a scandal..nor did he question the umpire’s decision .All he did was to play cricket with a smiling face. This trait is seen quite a lot among his contemporaries be it Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly or Kumble.The younger Cricketing Generation should learn from these legends..”Its not enough if you score a ton or take a 5 wicket haul. What makes you great is this trait called Humility.”

   Thanks SRT for entertaining us right from our childhood till today. You have not just entertained but also inspired us. You have taught us that relentless passion,hardwork towards the goal along with humility will take people to heights.

    The people, game of Cricket is going to miss you  a lot Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar.The eyelashes of Billion people doesn’t get wet for no reason.You are a legend infact you have redefined what “legend” means….#ThankYouSachin

Cricket is never going to be the same again……


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  1. An Cricketing Era Ends...But he will always remain in our Heart for the down to earth nature and for what he has given to India and Indian Cricket..