Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Don't block my flight and hence life

     When “Indiblogger “called the bloggers to write on the cause of stopping “Child Marriage” I was taken aback. Because I thought “child marriage” was something that had already lost its existence and if it was to appear somewhere it was only in our Social science texts. I thought our social reformers had done enough to eradicate it.  But my line of thought suffered a fatal blow when I googled this phrase “Child marriage in India Stats 2013”

       A report by UNICEF says that  around 43% of women  aged between  20 -24 were married before the age of 18(In India).And the age range of child marriage spans from almost 9 years to 16 years. Pathetic isn’t it..A big blow to human rights!!!

   When women at the age of 24-25 are confused about choosing their partners; confused  about getting married ;are in state of denial to leave their mom –dad and go to their “sasural”… how can u expects “kids” to renounce their childhood ;get married ;start raising kids and set up a family…Probably they don’t even relate to all these terms in their young cheerful hearts. All they know is about playing with kids, playing with dolls and grooming themselves.

   You get married someone when she is a kid and she is exposed to plethora of problems.
1) Health and pregnancy related problems—you can’t expect someone to deliver when she is 13 or 14..!!! Isn’t it
2) Infant mortality—
3) Discontinued Education… etc
        The last one seems to be a serious problem bcos it leads to a vicious cycle. The girl is subject to child marriage and the lack of education and exposure doesn’t give her the ability to understand that this is a wrong practice. And it won’t be a surprise if she encourages the same act with her children.
    Well “child marriage” is a heavy blow to human rights and humanity. Just because of a few greedy and selfish individuals we can’t let our sisters, daughters fall prey to this menace. Shows like “Balika Vadhu” ,”Puutta  gouriya maduve” must be encouraged cos that creates an awareness among people( especially illiterates) about the hell a child goes through when she is married early…
    Above all that it’s every individual who has to make a promise to stand up against this menace. I vow to fight “child marriage “in whatever  way possible. And I expect you all to join hands and fight the menace in your own possible way.

I have wings,
I wanna fly,
I wanna enjoy,
Don’t  block my flight and life
By forcing me to be a premature wife..

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