Friday, June 7, 2013

“When you truly want something, the whole Universe conspires in helping you achieve it”---#Cloudblogathon

“When you truly want something, the whole Universe conspires in helping you achieve it”

        And in my case it was “Indiblogger” that conspired…in helping me achieve my long standing desire. The desire to meet some of the best intellectuals (yes, I treat all bloggers as intellectuals) in a fun filled ambience was manifested with the flawless execution of” Indiblogger”.

        The venue chosen for “Cloudblogathon”( as they called it) sponsored by “Microsoft Office 365” was elegant. It was UB city –Tower Kitchen. I think the organizers made sure that the venue syncs with the “theme” and hence ensured we were near to clouds (16th floor).I have a strong feeling that the clouds were “overhearing” us since we were talking about them: P.

       The moment I entered inside I knew that am goanna experience happening 5 hours…with all the wonderful people out there. My expectations were outperformed when I gotcha know that free beer is available, with lots of good food and there are lot of swatches, t-shirts and goodies to be won. There were lot of games, and random fun stuff that got swatches and t-shirts to many…Well I was on the threshold of winning a swatch for my broken screen….but I remained at the threshold and dint advance any further when our dear Emcee Anoop changed the criterion….Well Anoop Great Emcee stuff. You made sure that we dint leave before the event was completed..: P

       Our intellects were fed with some awesome stuff when Ram (curd rice lover: P) took over to explain about Microsoft Office 365.An awesome suite indeed…Stuff like MS Word,Excel.,Share point,,,,all packed in One and accessible anywhere and everywhere …!!!With MS Project also in it Office 365 seems to be a promising project management suite for PMs. There were a lot questions fired by our intellects (bloggers) about the pors, cons, possibilities..Of Office 365.Even my mind was successful in visualizing Office 365 possibilities for Government Offices and Teach for India. Well I will post a separate write-up on Office 365.Lot to talk about it.

But one thing that’s worth a mention is the initiative by “Microsoft Office 365” to give it for free for all the AICTE approved colleges. The student fraternity will be greatly thankful for this.

       The best part of the event was when bloggers told, what it that inspires them to blog is. The reasons were inspiring, heart touching and intellectually enriching. While some blog about Finance, Project management, Tech; one of them blogs to record the memories with their sweet mother who is on death bed. Another woman who has had a 1st hand experience with cancer blogs to make the world aware how to take care of cancer patients.

      The best one was from a blind guy called  Raghav. He shares in his blog how he experiences the world with his eyes that refuse to give him the power of vision. He is a national level marathon runner too-the only blind in India. It was truly inspiring when he said that he runs listening to the sound made by mustard seed in a shampoo bottle tied to the waist of a fellow runner…”Hats off bro”

Well the apex of any Hospitality /Service is that “The people must leave with a feeling of a desire to come back next time”. And yes “Indiblogger” you made it happen.

“Waiting for next meet up”