Monday, August 6, 2012

Nite outs

                                                              Nite Outs

 "Nite out"----This defines it all!!!A major stress buster for anyone. Be it students, bachelor/spinster working professionals and even to an extent for married individuals :P. So in this post i will be revisiting some of the stuff that we usually do or encounter in a nite out.(I won’t be discussing about geeky niteouts where people do niteouts for studying or completing journals).

1) This generally kicks off with normal ice breakers like “Howz work going on/howz studies going on “until someone among the group comes with the commanding statement "Eh band karo be .aaaj bhi yehi discussion kar rahe ho to".

 2) Then the topic changes to discussion of the opposite sex. Crushes, Love, Breakup, Groaning, infatuation, attraction etc are manifested in different words.(Include a bit of marriage discussion too!!!)

3) Soon people realize that they have a future to focus upon, and then start discussing about future. They generally are very confused about whether to go for an MS/MBA/ or continue working...Hence they ponder over this for a prolonged time. At the end of this discussion they are still in confusion (:P).So they stop discussing it and move on...:) :)

4) This is yet another famous statement during niteouts..."Dude u know what we will work for some time and get together and start a company!!!”

5) Moving on, they turn to social issues like politics, sports,how to make India a developed country and so on....(This is applicable only to a guys nite out)

6) Booze, Booze, Booze a key player, rather an inevitable ingredient of every nite out...Different flavors are tasted guided by some of the experts in this domain...!!!This acts like a catalyst for all the things to happen..:):)

7)Not to forget the loud music. We realise (during niteouts )the true musicality of Musicians like Beatles,PinkFloyd,RaghuDixit,Jagjitsingh,vishal Shekhar,Some Pakistani bands,Kishore da,RD Burman..(and  the list goes on).
Music is played as long and as loud as possible until your neighbour comes and asks you to slow it down or shut it off. 

8) Some hungry stomachs dial in Empire for Food, which is followed by a  walk.

9) Last point .This is about Girly niteouts which I heard from my "Girl" friends. It seems trying out different attire and taking pics is one of their major niteout activity.(No wonder their facebook profile pictures and cover photos change at such a rapid rate)....

Other things that can happen but not necessarily done

        1) Camp fires
        2) Watching movies
        3) Sleeping... (Yes some people do this)
        4) Calling your friends at midnight