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Healthy Kids Create Happy Homes

Scenario 1
    1) There is a child  in neighborhood.He is too obese for his age.with a big stomach.He is not at all active.While his other Friends are out there are playing .He is just sitting at home infront  of tv./playing games..And owing to his obesity and inactivity he is always prone to one or the other disease.The immune system is very weak.The fitness level is very low.There is almost a doctor visit every 2 months...

          Situation at his Home
          His parents are worried people.All they think about is "WHAT WENT WRONG".Why is their child like this.Why cant he be fit and play with other kids.Why he is so vulnarable to diseases...?Their mind is full of questions.and hence their house full of worries.At present Happiness seems to be a distant their home.

Scenario 2
        There is another child probably of the same age.A very active kid.Physically fit and Intellectually fit too.
He is out there every where be it Games,Cultural,or Studies.He seems to have high immunity,Hardly is he affected by diseases.Hence he is able to do lot of things and is experiencing life to the fullest

         Situation in Home
       His parents are Happy People.All they think is "how do they get their child more opportunities considering the factor he is so active and intelligent.Also there is that Pride in them since their kid outsmarts every one ,in every field in their vicinity.It seems to be a Happy Home.

So if we consider and study both scenarios we can decipher that the most important reason for a home to be happy is that their kids be cheerful.And if the kids are to be cheerful they have to  be healthy,Active and must have a great immune power.....

  Lets consider history for a while .A few decades ago  kids  seemed to be a lot fit.They hardly were prone to diseases unless they were malnourished.If a nutritious meal was accessible to the kid then hardly there was any chance that he would fall ill..Now the Question arises how were those kids so immune when all their parents could afford was a 3 time good nutritious meal?

The answer is as follows

  • They were extremely active physically .Back then there were no Computer games/Smartphone games.Only T V was there and that too was a luxury.Not every house could afford a television.So their only source of entertainment was playing outside in the soil.And when you are out there in Nature Immunity is bound to Increase
  • They had no access to junk Food.Yes all they had was access to 3 times good nutritious meal.That's all t their parents could afford.

So considering everything above how can a child be made active,healthy and immune?Here are a few suggestions

1) Make sure the  kid goes out there and plays.Buy playing i dont mean computer/ smartphone games.Let him play out there in the soil..

2) Make sure he  cuts on the junk food,and make him follow a proper diet.

3) Make sure he sweats out.Create an atmosphere where in the family exercises together.If  you dont do he wont do either

4) Also regular intake of "Dabur Chyawanprash" can be helpful to increase immunity.(Proven by Research)

5) Go to hikes,treks etc

Finally Remember "Healthy Kids Create Happy Homes"

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Deepavali --Then and now

  Lets go back in time in the 90s..Back then i was a school going kid .I used to stay in Office quarters along with my parents.Though the quarters were small it was lively.It was that period of time when neighbours new each other.In fact they knew every thing that was happening in your house.Rite from your percentage ,your affairs ,whom you had crush on.Everything info was available to the entire colony.Such closely knit people they were..

       The same thing reflected in the way festivals were celebrated.Lets take for example Deepavali.

  1. On the occassion of Deepavali every patch of land infront of the house entrances was beaming with Rangolis-Colorful,artistic,lively.
  2. Diyas decorated every posssible place with their small yet powerful lights indicating "Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya" which means (Towards light from Darkness)
  3. The Crackers -in all of its forms made sure to proclaim their existence through sound, light ,and their authentic smell
  4. Back home Moms and aunties prepared delicious food items,and i bet no franchise food chain would claim to make such tasty food
  5. The pooja itself was so grand,divine and cultural.The women folk Decorating Goddess "Lakshmi",Singing Devotional Songs,while chidren burst crackers outside....

 Fast forward today,I live in a decent apartment  with my Parents.I hardly know all of my neighbours Even the few i know,don't have time to talk.If they just smile then its equivalent to having an awesome conversation.There is no connect between neighbours...

        And yes these reflect in the way we celebrate festivals tooo...Taking Deepavali again as Example

  1.  Rangolis are still there...but don't know why they lack luster
  2.  Diyas  have suffered a lot of attrition. They have come down to just 2 to 4 infront of houses
  3. Crackers --they are there but i think it has become a more of show off than genuine enjoyment.
  4. Delicious Food items-People no more prepare it in their homes.They buy it from shops.--Laziness and Procrastination  you see...
  5. Pooja --Again confined to homes ,Lacks Luster..

So before i conclude i just wanna say i wanna time travel back to those days and celebrate the festival in its True Spirit..

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