Friday, June 28, 2013

Its all about dancing in rain...

On a rainy day,...Life had conspired a plot for me to unleash the realization that " Life can be simple yet can be immensely beautiful."...This is how it executed the plot....

           I was sitting in my sisters house reading a beautiful novel accompanied by hot-tasty coffee.Besides me was my niece (5 years ) old playing with her building blocks.

         The weather was at its romantic best.Clouds had a mixed texture of blue and dark colors.And Sun had turned red..The wind was blowing intermittently adding to the natures evening euphoria.And in the meanwhile  clouds moved closer towards each other and metamorphosed into tiny droplets of water and started kissing the earth.
          I being an adult was least bothered and didn't even notice nature's salsa.But my niece, was elated at the sight of  rain.She started dancing to the music of the nature.She ran out leaving her building blocks and got herself completely immersed in rain.She enjoyed every droplet kissing her;She was overjoyed when the droplet fell on her eye which made her eyelids kiss each other.

         She looked at me and said "Mama(uncle) come down ,lets dance in the rain".But my adult attitude made me ignore her.But she persisted .She in fact came inside and dragged me.I had no other choice but to go.

         But then what i experienced was something impeccable.I loved the rain as much as my niece did.The feeling of being touched by the purest form of water,can only be palpable.I danced with her too.. without any care in the wold soaked in the highest degree of beauty and happiness.

       While the dance was on ,my mind talked to me making me time travel to those days  when i was of my neice's age.I could remember that even i was in love with rain as much as my niece is.Then why did break up with nature for some materialistic pleasure.Why did forget the incessant beauty nature offered...

       But neverthless i was in love with nature again..Rather this time even more"..

      "Life is simple yet immensely beautiful"."Its all about dancing in the rain..."

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Palpable love

I saw her glimpse,
Love nurtured,
I saw her approach,
Love blossomed,
I felt her touch,
Love became Palpable...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Intoxication just meant drinks and smoke to me,
But you came in and gave it a whole new dimension....:) 

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Love Clad Journey...

      Most of the Banglorean's spend their significant share of life time in Traffic. If you take it on a daily basis people spend from 1 hr to 4 hr in buses, cars and two wheelers. If you have a company owned car/bus then at least you are assured of a seat. But if you rely on our dear BMTC you need to fight (yea I mean it literally) to get a seat. So you might be wondering what people do during this big "voyage" to and fro. Some of them put on their ear plugs and get lost, while some are engrossed in playing mobile games of the likes of "temple run”. Some book worms resort to novels, while some make a disciplined and determined effort to woo their female colleagues and some gaze out of window deriving an inimitable pleasure watching the roads: P .

       And here I am another innocent victim to the Bangalore Traffic. It almost takes 2 hours for me to reach office. And as usual it was yet another regular boring travel to office. I just got into the bus and the bus had not even moved 500mts it got stuck in a heavy traffic jam. I tried looking through the window, listening to a song, checked around to see if I can visually stalk any one; but nothing seemed to work. My brain sent a signal to my sleeping center and within seconds I dozed off; fast asleep, wondering when this boring journey will come to an end.

But wait!!!.This time it wasn't a boring journey. It had more to offer.Infact the best journey I had ever encountered. Read along to find out why was it so.
      It’s said that nothing can beat the awesomeness of a sound solid nap. And after having experienced such eyelids slowly parted ways .I just looked out of the window to see where the bus was. It had moved a lil bit from its previous landmark but was trapped in another traffic jam. I slowly turned my head away from window and looked around .And then my heart skipped a beat……………
     Beside me was a beautiful gal- around 23-24 yrs, medium height, wearing a jeans and a beautiful top. A titan watch and a bracelet complimented her attire. She held a fasttrack bag in her lap which I guess consisted of the girly assets (I mean cosmetics, mirror, comb, clips etc).
     As I was looking at her ….I just saw from the corner of my eye through the window and found that it was drizzling. Bangalore rain is usually very disciplined. It maintains its schedule and rains only in the evening. But today it went against its schedule and started drizzling in the morning. I just felt that universe has conspired a sweet plot for me….

This feeling strengthened when FM 94.3 started playing…

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar
Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar

 What more could you ask Beautiful gal sitting beside you, Rain is complementing the moment and the scenario is embellished by a beautiful song. I could hear my heart responding to the beautiful song in sync.

  My eyes pulled me back to the girl. She was in deep blissful sleep. She looked like an angel .I was so glued to her that I could even hear her breathing. I had surrendered all my senses to her. Her breathe sounded like a typical romantic beat…My nose was startled by her aroma. I don’t know what perfume she used but it had a hypnotic effect on me…
    In the meanwhile I saw a portion of her hair falling on her face.I remembered vidya balan in the video of the song “Pal Pal Har Pal…” from Lage raho munna bhai”..The portion of her hair slid from her forehead and rested on her cheeks. It seemed as though the hair was flirting with her cheeks. Honestly speaking I envied that “latha” which played with her cheek. She suddenly smiled in her deep sleep as though she dreamt of something beautiful. The very moment when she smiled was photogenic. It made me go weak in my knees…..
   While my eyes were having a feast my mind was secretly making future plans and analyzing. It said what if this gal becomes mine. I could live my entire life with her. I would relish it.But then what if she is already married..Wt if she’s into some other guy. Will she like me? How should I Initiate talk with her…Shall I wake her up .No no. let me watch her as long as possible….
    As my mind was analyzing heavily she suddenly leaned on my shoulders…unaware in her sleep. A 440 volt current rushed through my body.It was as though a nice guitar riff played with the strings of my heart. My heart stopped a bit and then started beating at double its normal pace …My body was still taking time to cope up with this sweet shock…Her aroma was driving me nuts…I could just feel her hair…..
     But as they say all good things should come to an end….Even my gala time was nearing an end..As I was watching her in a love soaked, shocked, confused, analytic, expectant mind state…she woke up.!!! She realized that her head was on my shoulders and she withdrew…She said in her sweet voice “sorry” and returned back to her normal position…But my eyes continued to stare her
     She saw this a couple of times but ignored …But when she got a confirmation that I am not going to withdraw from staring her…She looked at me and asked “what????”.My mind didn’t seem to process this info…and I continued staring at her. She again said “What?????” this time a bit louder…I then came back to my senses .And I simply shrugged my shoulders off…..And started looking through the window.
      Back of my mind I was thinking how I should start a conversation with her. How will I take her phone number? There was a slight hesitation in me, but then I thought it was either now or never .So with ultimate determination I decided to go ahead….
      I extended my hand and said “Hi I am Sumanth. Whatz your good name”? But she dint seem to care….She behaved as if she dint hear me. I repeated the same lines but the response also didn’t change. I was shattered completely. I withdrew my hand and started looking through the window again. I was thinking why do gals nowadays have so much attitude. At-least she could have said a “hi” .What does she think of herself. Attitude *****.
        I could see from the corner of my eye that she was leaving .I guess her stop had come. And she went near the door waiting for the driver to open the hydraulic doors. I ignored her… (In fact I was just trying to ignore her)..And then something strange happened.

        I noticed a piece of paper on her seat. I opened it up; and there you go. Music again started in my mind. She had a left a note with her name and phone number and had written “Sorry….Please call me my dear friend”…I just lifted my head to see her …

She saw me gave a smile and got down. I was awe struck mesmerized by her smile and then co-incidentally I heard this song coming from the radio..

Saathiya, saathiya
Maddham maddham teri geeli hansi
Saathiya, saathiya
Sunke humne saari pee li hansi


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Musical Moments

Wonderful are those moments when the permutation and combination of the seven notes accompanied by beats ,trigger those synchronous waves in you,and help you time travel those wonderful moments with wonderful people,which you had experienced ,thus revitalizing Hope,Love,Passion,Happiness,Peace .........:) :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Speech is Silver
Silence is Gold
But when it happens in your company
Bliss begins to unfold

Don't block my flight and hence life

     When “Indiblogger “called the bloggers to write on the cause of stopping “Child Marriage” I was taken aback. Because I thought “child marriage” was something that had already lost its existence and if it was to appear somewhere it was only in our Social science texts. I thought our social reformers had done enough to eradicate it.  But my line of thought suffered a fatal blow when I googled this phrase “Child marriage in India Stats 2013”

       A report by UNICEF says that  around 43% of women  aged between  20 -24 were married before the age of 18(In India).And the age range of child marriage spans from almost 9 years to 16 years. Pathetic isn’t it..A big blow to human rights!!!

   When women at the age of 24-25 are confused about choosing their partners; confused  about getting married ;are in state of denial to leave their mom –dad and go to their “sasural”… how can u expects “kids” to renounce their childhood ;get married ;start raising kids and set up a family…Probably they don’t even relate to all these terms in their young cheerful hearts. All they know is about playing with kids, playing with dolls and grooming themselves.

   You get married someone when she is a kid and she is exposed to plethora of problems.
1) Health and pregnancy related problems—you can’t expect someone to deliver when she is 13 or 14..!!! Isn’t it
2) Infant mortality—
3) Discontinued Education… etc
        The last one seems to be a serious problem bcos it leads to a vicious cycle. The girl is subject to child marriage and the lack of education and exposure doesn’t give her the ability to understand that this is a wrong practice. And it won’t be a surprise if she encourages the same act with her children.
    Well “child marriage” is a heavy blow to human rights and humanity. Just because of a few greedy and selfish individuals we can’t let our sisters, daughters fall prey to this menace. Shows like “Balika Vadhu” ,”Puutta  gouriya maduve” must be encouraged cos that creates an awareness among people( especially illiterates) about the hell a child goes through when she is married early…
    Above all that it’s every individual who has to make a promise to stand up against this menace. I vow to fight “child marriage “in whatever  way possible. And I expect you all to join hands and fight the menace in your own possible way.

I have wings,
I wanna fly,
I wanna enjoy,
Don’t  block my flight and life
By forcing me to be a premature wife..

Do have a look at this link


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tapping the Void Inside

"Tapping the Void Inside"

The busy day begins to cease,
And the nocturnal silence starts to increase,

and its then,

You walk in,stirring an emotional tide,
And smilingly walk out "Tapping the Void Inside"


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The moment that passed by...

I just wonder about the moment ;
That passed by

It was a breeze of pure love,
that i thought,will forever stand by,

I was convinced about it being eternal
But unable to accept it,as by nature its just fractional...

Friday, June 7, 2013

“When you truly want something, the whole Universe conspires in helping you achieve it”---#Cloudblogathon

“When you truly want something, the whole Universe conspires in helping you achieve it”

        And in my case it was “Indiblogger” that conspired…in helping me achieve my long standing desire. The desire to meet some of the best intellectuals (yes, I treat all bloggers as intellectuals) in a fun filled ambience was manifested with the flawless execution of” Indiblogger”.

        The venue chosen for “Cloudblogathon”( as they called it) sponsored by “Microsoft Office 365” was elegant. It was UB city –Tower Kitchen. I think the organizers made sure that the venue syncs with the “theme” and hence ensured we were near to clouds (16th floor).I have a strong feeling that the clouds were “overhearing” us since we were talking about them: P.

       The moment I entered inside I knew that am goanna experience happening 5 hours…with all the wonderful people out there. My expectations were outperformed when I gotcha know that free beer is available, with lots of good food and there are lot of swatches, t-shirts and goodies to be won. There were lot of games, and random fun stuff that got swatches and t-shirts to many…Well I was on the threshold of winning a swatch for my broken screen….but I remained at the threshold and dint advance any further when our dear Emcee Anoop changed the criterion….Well Anoop Great Emcee stuff. You made sure that we dint leave before the event was completed..: P

       Our intellects were fed with some awesome stuff when Ram (curd rice lover: P) took over to explain about Microsoft Office 365.An awesome suite indeed…Stuff like MS Word,Excel.,Share point,,,,all packed in One and accessible anywhere and everywhere …!!!With MS Project also in it Office 365 seems to be a promising project management suite for PMs. There were a lot questions fired by our intellects (bloggers) about the pors, cons, possibilities..Of Office 365.Even my mind was successful in visualizing Office 365 possibilities for Government Offices and Teach for India. Well I will post a separate write-up on Office 365.Lot to talk about it.

But one thing that’s worth a mention is the initiative by “Microsoft Office 365” to give it for free for all the AICTE approved colleges. The student fraternity will be greatly thankful for this.

       The best part of the event was when bloggers told, what it that inspires them to blog is. The reasons were inspiring, heart touching and intellectually enriching. While some blog about Finance, Project management, Tech; one of them blogs to record the memories with their sweet mother who is on death bed. Another woman who has had a 1st hand experience with cancer blogs to make the world aware how to take care of cancer patients.

      The best one was from a blind guy called  Raghav. He shares in his blog how he experiences the world with his eyes that refuse to give him the power of vision. He is a national level marathon runner too-the only blind in India. It was truly inspiring when he said that he runs listening to the sound made by mustard seed in a shampoo bottle tied to the waist of a fellow runner…”Hats off bro”

Well the apex of any Hospitality /Service is that “The people must leave with a feeling of a desire to come back next time”. And yes “Indiblogger” you made it happen.

“Waiting for next meet up”

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Gentleman who made Justice to the "Gentleman's" game

"Rahul Dravid"---the moment you hear this name "thought of Respect" seems to be a natural phenomenon. And for your mind it’s inevitable but to generate spontaneous thoughts of "Discipline”, Calmness, Flexibility, Steadiness, patience...etc when the name “Rahul Dravid” is the stimulus.  The reason is straight forward.The legend of "Rahul Dravid" is an epitome of all these...
           A gentleman in the truest sense played his entire cricket career in the same gentle man spirit. Never ever was he in news for scandals, nor for any bad behaviour.His entire cricket career seemed to be a metaphor of gentlemanship.Well I think whoever named Cricket as gentleman’s game must have foreseen the occurrence of Rahul Dravid in Cricket.
           "The Wall" (as he is popularly known as) was a part of many mindblowing, most entertaining, match winning partnerships. While the other involved in the partnership went on to make the top score, Rahul at the other end would just make sure that they are supported very well and aren’t experiencing any pressure.
             "Well the wall was very flexible too...".Ask him to open the innings or bat in the middle order, Ask him to keep the wickets or field at point, slip or even at short leg at times. He was there in every role giving his 100 percent.Infact in the earlier days of Indian cricket when Indian players thought that "fielding isn't actually part of cricket: P" it was he who set high standards of fielding...and even wicket keeping too...
                 Many bowlers have undergone unpredictably high amount of irritation/restlessness  while bowling to Rahul Dravid. Bowlers of the likes of Shohaib Akhtar, Glenn Mcgrath, Brett lee covered miles to bowl a ball, and dravid was happy enough to leave the ball, to the safe gloves of keeper or play a defensive shot  ...thus withering  away the bowlers. I guess patience was flawlessly and skillfully induced in his DNA.
                 A very trusted overseas player for India. While other players were figuring out the bounce and speed in pitches of England,SouthAfrica , Australia etc ...Rahul Dravid went on to make 100s and biggies on those surfaces.
                He was good Captain too...He led India to a decent amt of wins in major formats...His ability as a captain was unleashed in the recent IPL, wherin even after having "fixed" players in the team he made sure he led the team to playoffs...In fact among all the legends it was him who adapted to the 20-20 format effortlessly.
               “Now that he has quit all forms of Cricket, Cricket is experiencing a big VOID.”
              By the way we have seen him a few times as a commentator, and as usual he looks great in that role too. I wish "Cricket" will get services of Rahul dravid in the form of Commentator at least.

"Take my Bow...Rahul Dravid"