Friday, November 21, 2014

A time travel to childhood days

When I saw this Blogging contest about Rhymes and childhood stories  by Blogadda i was very Intrigued.I then started watching those videos,of Kids Hut.Man,what an experience it was.It was a straight time travel to my Childhood.It reminded me of my GrandMa who used to tell me all those stories in a picturesque way.
We as kids didnt have access to IPads/Doremon/Chota Bheem .All we had was those cute morally rich stories told by my Grandma and others.These stories left us with great memories and great teachings..Let me share 2 such stories with you

Story 1:

 This story i still remember the way i read it in a story book with big fonts.It so happened that i was very much fascinated by this story.So i ended up byhearting the story.I think I was in H.K.G at that time.So next morning i went to school and told my teacher that i know this story of "Lion and the Mouse".So the teacher asked me to tell the story to her.I went head and told her the complete story.She was very much Impressed.She asked me to tell the story in front of the whole class.I did and got a thunderous applause.(Offcourse the teacher asked the students to applaud ) . It didnt end here.Next up my teacher took me to another division and made me tel the story again.So i did again getting a huge applause.
           When i think about this now ,i just remember such a beautiful experience it was.Also the story in itself teaches a big morale of helping each other

Story 2:

Yet another beautiful story from my childhood.I remember my Grandma and Mother telling me this story often at bed time and at the end of the story they used to emphasize the importance of being clever.The story was so ingrained in me that whenever my relatives used to visit i used to bug them with this story and few others.
           The short simple story has  lot of relevance even to this day.It shows the importance of creativity and out of box thinking...Kudos to the story ....

I congratulate Kidz hut for doing such a beautiful job.They have somehow kept alive the art of story telling for our dear kids ,while the parents are busy in meeting deadlines.Keep more interesting stuff coming.All the best..

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We cant afford to Lose scientists Because of Toilets

Babli is a cute girl .A very intelligent kid.Highly creative.A topper in almost all aspects in school.But somehow after 3rd standard she left the school.She prefers staying in her house than going to school.Not that she doesn't love education.She infact is enthusiastic to study and become a scientist..But when you talk about school its a big No No for her.

          And when asked whats the reason she simply says one word "toilets".Bablis parents are not that rich ,so they enrolled her in a government School.But the school doesnt have any Toilets.And they have to setlle for Open Defecation.And for babli its a big no no because her dignity will be hurt..And unfortunately we lost a bright scientist due to unavailablity of proper Toilets.

    Babli is just a metaphorical example.There are thousands of girls in the nook and corners of India that quit school due to this Issue of toilets.

     Also Open Defecation has lot of impacts

Health Impact
1)Open Defecation results in Diarroheal diseases.
2)Open Defecation results in Weakened Immune system and stunted growth especially for children under 5 years
3)Can result in Cholera and typhoid
4)Unavailablity of Toilet can become a major issue as far as Menstural cycle is concerned

  There are also gender issues and safety concerns for girls defecating in  the open 

Socio Economic Impacts 
    The unavailability of Toilets can also lead to lot of Socio-Economic Impacts.A considerable drop out from school means an unskilled Human resource that in-turn results in Low GDP.Also since open Defecation leads to lot of Health issues,people will spend most of their life fighting Health Issues.Forget Trained Human Resource.

So its invetiable that every school in every corner of the world must have a Proper Toilet.

Domex is doing a very good job in this Regard.Domex Toilet Academy(DTA) launched on 19th November 2013 aims to become a sustainable and long-term solution to provide sanitation that benefits the local community and helps stimulate the local economy. The Toilet Academy makes toilets accessible and affordable, while promoting the benefits of clean toilets & good hygiene.

More and More NGOs, Government organisations Should come together to Eradicate this Problem.Finding solution to this issue must be the topmost Priority

We cant afford to Lose scientists Because of Toilets

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

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The Magic of Touch....

He was devastated.The spirit in him had become numb.Tears were not rolling from his eyes,yet he was crying.His tender heart was carrying a compounded wound..The world felt like an alien planet to him.In the big crowd..he sat in a corner like a loser.....

              He had lost it.His dream was shattered.He had worked day and night with a monomaniacal focus just to acheive that.But somewhere something fell short.And he had lost that National Singing Finals.He had given up his job,all interests ,parties just to realise his beloved dream.He had spent days and nights composing,rehearsing;practising verse after verse line after line.But nothing materialized.

             To add to his wounds the previous day he had a fierce argument with his love.She was trying to convince him to take up a job and keep singing as a hobby so that they can marry and settle down.But he was so ambitious at that time that he proclaimed saying "You see sweetheart,i will become a rockstar".Fed  up with him she left saying ,call me back if you plan to take up a Job.Else we are done with relationship....

             It was but obvious that she didn't turn up for the finale....

   Seated in the dark corner of the big hall..He was lost in thoughts.Neither did Music love him back nor the girl.Two tear drop just rolled from his eyes through his cheeks to the floor.The two  tear drops indicated his two loves that had frowned upon him..The Girl and The Music.........

   While he was crying someone put a hand on his shoulder.He turned around to see who it was.It was her.He looked at her with his teary eyes.He was numb.Didn't know what to say.....

   She held his hand .And looked into his eyes with a consoling look..She then hugged him tight and said "Don't worry ,I am always there with you and so is Music.You will soon become a rock star"..

He hugged her tight and sobbed a lot yet his spirit was uplifted by her magic Touch.The tears now were an amalgamtion of lost hope and Hope regained...:)

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Monday, November 10, 2014

We need more Satyameva Jayatessss....

           Yesterday I was watching Satyameva Jayate which was discussing about Some societal issue .Its indeed a magnificent show,that throws light on so many Issues.But that's not what I am going to talk about in thi s blogpost .I am going to talk about a thought that occured to me while watching it.
            If  "Satyameva Jayate" has become a program of such High Stature and Wide reach  its because of "Amir Khan".I agree that there is an efficient research team that works day and night to collect information and conceptualize each show,but if it was not Aaamir Khan it had a meagre chance of Getting this Popular....

          Imagine if the program was run by a social activist who has tremendous knowledge in his/her respective field.Its but Obvious that the show would have been a Big Flop.The Presence of Aamir Khan makes sure the audience connects to him and hence gets connected to whatever is depicted on the show.The urban educated class might  appreciate the program if it was run by "someone else",but to reach the masses of India it has to be a well known- popular face because all they know is their Bollywood Hero and Heroins and not Social workers.

         So i urge all the actors and actresses to come up with  lot of such shows and spread the message to the nook and corners of the country.Its their responsibility to educate people and broaden their thoughts.They should not forget that they are stars because of these people.Its time to give back.

       The T.V channels,Hollywood actors/actress and social workers should come up with more programs for a better India.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Healthy Kids Create Happy Homes

Scenario 1
    1) There is a child  in neighborhood.He is too obese for his age.with a big stomach.He is not at all active.While his other Friends are out there are playing .He is just sitting at home infront  of tv./playing games..And owing to his obesity and inactivity he is always prone to one or the other disease.The immune system is very weak.The fitness level is very low.There is almost a doctor visit every 2 months...

          Situation at his Home
          His parents are worried people.All they think about is "WHAT WENT WRONG".Why is their child like this.Why cant he be fit and play with other kids.Why he is so vulnarable to diseases...?Their mind is full of questions.and hence their house full of worries.At present Happiness seems to be a distant their home.

Scenario 2
        There is another child probably of the same age.A very active kid.Physically fit and Intellectually fit too.
He is out there every where be it Games,Cultural,or Studies.He seems to have high immunity,Hardly is he affected by diseases.Hence he is able to do lot of things and is experiencing life to the fullest

         Situation in Home
       His parents are Happy People.All they think is "how do they get their child more opportunities considering the factor he is so active and intelligent.Also there is that Pride in them since their kid outsmarts every one ,in every field in their vicinity.It seems to be a Happy Home.

So if we consider and study both scenarios we can decipher that the most important reason for a home to be happy is that their kids be cheerful.And if the kids are to be cheerful they have to  be healthy,Active and must have a great immune power.....

  Lets consider history for a while .A few decades ago  kids  seemed to be a lot fit.They hardly were prone to diseases unless they were malnourished.If a nutritious meal was accessible to the kid then hardly there was any chance that he would fall ill..Now the Question arises how were those kids so immune when all their parents could afford was a 3 time good nutritious meal?

The answer is as follows

  • They were extremely active physically .Back then there were no Computer games/Smartphone games.Only T V was there and that too was a luxury.Not every house could afford a television.So their only source of entertainment was playing outside in the soil.And when you are out there in Nature Immunity is bound to Increase
  • They had no access to junk Food.Yes all they had was access to 3 times good nutritious meal.That's all t their parents could afford.

So considering everything above how can a child be made active,healthy and immune?Here are a few suggestions

1) Make sure the  kid goes out there and plays.Buy playing i dont mean computer/ smartphone games.Let him play out there in the soil..

2) Make sure he  cuts on the junk food,and make him follow a proper diet.

3) Make sure he sweats out.Create an atmosphere where in the family exercises together.If  you dont do he wont do either

4) Also regular intake of "Dabur Chyawanprash" can be helpful to increase immunity.(Proven by Research)

5) Go to hikes,treks etc

Finally Remember "Healthy Kids Create Happy Homes"

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Deepavali --Then and now

  Lets go back in time in the 90s..Back then i was a school going kid .I used to stay in Office quarters along with my parents.Though the quarters were small it was lively.It was that period of time when neighbours new each other.In fact they knew every thing that was happening in your house.Rite from your percentage ,your affairs ,whom you had crush on.Everything info was available to the entire colony.Such closely knit people they were..

       The same thing reflected in the way festivals were celebrated.Lets take for example Deepavali.

  1. On the occassion of Deepavali every patch of land infront of the house entrances was beaming with Rangolis-Colorful,artistic,lively.
  2. Diyas decorated every posssible place with their small yet powerful lights indicating "Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya" which means (Towards light from Darkness)
  3. The Crackers -in all of its forms made sure to proclaim their existence through sound, light ,and their authentic smell
  4. Back home Moms and aunties prepared delicious food items,and i bet no franchise food chain would claim to make such tasty food
  5. The pooja itself was so grand,divine and cultural.The women folk Decorating Goddess "Lakshmi",Singing Devotional Songs,while chidren burst crackers outside....

 Fast forward today,I live in a decent apartment  with my Parents.I hardly know all of my neighbours Even the few i know,don't have time to talk.If they just smile then its equivalent to having an awesome conversation.There is no connect between neighbours...

        And yes these reflect in the way we celebrate festivals tooo...Taking Deepavali again as Example

  1.  Rangolis are still there...but don't know why they lack luster
  2.  Diyas  have suffered a lot of attrition. They have come down to just 2 to 4 infront of houses
  3. Crackers --they are there but i think it has become a more of show off than genuine enjoyment.
  4. Delicious Food items-People no more prepare it in their homes.They buy it from shops.--Laziness and Procrastination  you see...
  5. Pooja --Again confined to homes ,Lacks Luster..

So before i conclude i just wanna say i wanna time travel back to those days and celebrate the festival in its True Spirit..

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Zest--fuel for life

       Zest-- Probarbly one can call it a fuel for life.If there ain't zest all you have is a boring life.Here are the 5 things that add zest to my life...

           I am a singer by passion.Not a hobbyisist.A serious pursuer..The thing about music is that it just is applicable to every moment of my life..A happy song when i am in high spirits,a motivating song when i need some inspiration,a love song when  i am smitten by winds of love,or a sad song to accompany my tears at times..the list goes on..I have music walking always with me...
        And then i get to hear some sweet words like this whenever i perform or when people listen to my recordings
              "You made my day..."

              "I was sad and your song uplifted me"

              "It was just mindblowing..."

  And sometimes its a once in lifetime moment when a 60 year old uncle gets and starts dancing while you are performing "Batameez dil"

Sonu Nigam

           Well again its related to music...But yes i have to mention this guy..Arguably he is the most versatile singer and amazing performer...He sings almost everything under sun..The more you listen the more you get inspired to sing like him..And just not singing His live performance too...What creativity ,what innovation,what perfection coupled with a bit of dance moves and magical charm..Am spell bound everytime.And yes  there is always that zest to become like Sonu Nigam

Mike horn

          I stumbled upon this guy very recently..But when i did I was blown away..A legend of adventure and exploration in this current world..First person to have conquered Amazon alone,First person to have circled equator without any motorised support.First person to reached north pole during winter ...the list goes on,....

         What inspired me the most was that he made me realise the amazing power of human self.When he can achieve so much that too in such adverse circumstance...why cant we....?I am full of zest after knowing this guy :) :)

Spreading Smiles

         This is yet another thing that fills me with Zest.However small that might be-The fact that i am able to bring smile on someones face brings me utmost joy...Projects like "Smiles Project"( have inspired me a lot...


         Last but not the least my zest stimuli is Relationships...A loving conversation with Parents,A long walk along a beach with your love,A fun filled party with you buddies ...."Yahi to life hai Yaar"

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My little Dream Project...

Hi everyone,
                    Its been long i am out of blogging world.There's a reason to it.I have been seriously pursuing my other passion "Singing".Have been working really hard on my singing skills...But then how long can i be away from my family.I had to return...

                   So here i am.Sharing with you My little Dream Project which i have been working on.Presenting before you my first youtube cover and lyric video.I covered "Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse".I call it "Kabhi jo baadal barse-Candle light version"...

                  Please check the video and give your comments and feedbacks.Also if you like the rendition pls share it & subscribe...Helps a musician a lot..

Please click the following link to view the video

Monday, March 31, 2014

Jifils Here--My Experience(Indiblogger meet)

The Meet Experience
          Often it happens that my mailbox is spammed with promotional mails from Different banks offering various loan schemes...I sometimes hate to open this.But  one fine day when i looked at the Promotions Section of my mail i had a smile on my face...It was an invitation from Indiblogger For a blogger meet..And it was unlike any other previous blogger meet cos it was the first time Indiblogger was conducting a meet simultaneously in three cities viz Delhi,Bangalore,Mumbai...

        The theme for the meet was launch (Promotion) of Kotak Mahindra Banks New Product Jifi(More about Jifi in the latter Section of blog).The venue for Bangalore Meet was The Biere Club....One should say That Indiblogger is very good at choosing venues for meets.They choose best of the Hotels /CLubs for any meet...Congos Team Indiblogger For that..

       The meet started with 'Cocktail hour'  as they called .It was more of a get-to -know each other kind of stuff..while you were soaked in the pleasure of having free cocktails.There were a lot of new faces this time.The Legendary Bloggers were there too...And then they were some of them who although joined Indiblogger long Back..But had forgotten the very of crux of it "Blogging".Yes I mean it ,some of them had not blogged for almost a year..

     The host for Bangalore - "Pratik" did a decent keeping the audience involved.and entertained.There was one moment when he asked who blogs about music and i happily raised my hand.Then he asked me to come and sing.Being a proffesional musician i was like that is all what i wanted.
I sang "Tum hi ho".It was very well appreciated.Some even took the video of my Performance .And I even won a "Spa Voucher" for it(But Frankly I have No Idea what to do with it)...ALso Pratik was like You will win a lot of girlfriends cos of the performance ....But alas nothing of that sort Happened !!!!!!!

    Then we were joined by fellow bloggers at Mumbai and Delhi via Video Conference.The star Indian Author "Chetan Bhagat" Launched Kotaks "Jifi" Product...Another highlight of the meet was the selfie contest..It was then followed by lunch. I have to mention one thing though."I had an unnamed Cocktail at The Biere CLub.It was Tasty yet Intoxicating..One of the best I ever had"
    All in all it was a decent and fun filled meet ..Great job Indiblogger.Keep them Coming..

Kotaks New  Product Jifi
  A major share of our online activity is on Social Networking Sites ,Be it twitter or Facebook..While you are busy updating Facebook Status or reading Tweets ,It is But Obvious that you tend to forget some things..Like forgetting to deposit the cheque that your father had told about,or paying the premium amount which your mom had asked to...But No worries.."Jifilshere"..Banking is Now Social...

Kotak realised that people of today are very busy with Facebook ,twitter and they dont have time for trivial tasks like Banking..So Kotak decided to help us ...And they made banking Social...

Yes with JIFI you can now open an account with your facebook or twitter login...

Here are some of the sailent Features Of Jiffi
1)You can open an account with Facebook or Twitter or email
2)The moment you open an account with Jiffi you get 1000 points credited to your account.
3)And Everytime you refer a friend you get 10 points..Great Isn't It..Refering a friend was never so rewarding...
4)Dont worry about security..ITs damn Secure

There are many more benifits you can reap out of this...So go ahead and open your account
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