Monday, March 31, 2014

Jifils Here--My Experience(Indiblogger meet)

The Meet Experience
          Often it happens that my mailbox is spammed with promotional mails from Different banks offering various loan schemes...I sometimes hate to open this.But  one fine day when i looked at the Promotions Section of my mail i had a smile on my face...It was an invitation from Indiblogger For a blogger meet..And it was unlike any other previous blogger meet cos it was the first time Indiblogger was conducting a meet simultaneously in three cities viz Delhi,Bangalore,Mumbai...

        The theme for the meet was launch (Promotion) of Kotak Mahindra Banks New Product Jifi(More about Jifi in the latter Section of blog).The venue for Bangalore Meet was The Biere Club....One should say That Indiblogger is very good at choosing venues for meets.They choose best of the Hotels /CLubs for any meet...Congos Team Indiblogger For that..

       The meet started with 'Cocktail hour'  as they called .It was more of a get-to -know each other kind of stuff..while you were soaked in the pleasure of having free cocktails.There were a lot of new faces this time.The Legendary Bloggers were there too...And then they were some of them who although joined Indiblogger long Back..But had forgotten the very of crux of it "Blogging".Yes I mean it ,some of them had not blogged for almost a year..

     The host for Bangalore - "Pratik" did a decent keeping the audience involved.and entertained.There was one moment when he asked who blogs about music and i happily raised my hand.Then he asked me to come and sing.Being a proffesional musician i was like that is all what i wanted.
I sang "Tum hi ho".It was very well appreciated.Some even took the video of my Performance .And I even won a "Spa Voucher" for it(But Frankly I have No Idea what to do with it)...ALso Pratik was like You will win a lot of girlfriends cos of the performance ....But alas nothing of that sort Happened !!!!!!!

    Then we were joined by fellow bloggers at Mumbai and Delhi via Video Conference.The star Indian Author "Chetan Bhagat" Launched Kotaks "Jifi" Product...Another highlight of the meet was the selfie contest..It was then followed by lunch. I have to mention one thing though."I had an unnamed Cocktail at The Biere CLub.It was Tasty yet Intoxicating..One of the best I ever had"
    All in all it was a decent and fun filled meet ..Great job Indiblogger.Keep them Coming..

Kotaks New  Product Jifi
  A major share of our online activity is on Social Networking Sites ,Be it twitter or Facebook..While you are busy updating Facebook Status or reading Tweets ,It is But Obvious that you tend to forget some things..Like forgetting to deposit the cheque that your father had told about,or paying the premium amount which your mom had asked to...But No worries.."Jifilshere"..Banking is Now Social...

Kotak realised that people of today are very busy with Facebook ,twitter and they dont have time for trivial tasks like Banking..So Kotak decided to help us ...And they made banking Social...

Yes with JIFI you can now open an account with your facebook or twitter login...

Here are some of the sailent Features Of Jiffi
1)You can open an account with Facebook or Twitter or email
2)The moment you open an account with Jiffi you get 1000 points credited to your account.
3)And Everytime you refer a friend you get 10 points..Great Isn't It..Refering a friend was never so rewarding...
4)Dont worry about security..ITs damn Secure

There are many more benifits you can reap out of this...So go ahead and open your account
And do check this to know more