Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Ultimate place of our College time -The Katta

The Ultimate place of our College time -The Katta

Hello Everyone,
 Ever wondered what is the best place in college.!!!If you ask me i would say it is our dear Katta(or what we call "katti" in Kannada ).I guess by now all engineering students might have got what i am trying to say.If you still don't get it then here is the definition:

Katta: A stone bench where college students spend most of their time :P

Now why do i call it the ultimate place?? B cos it has been the place for our  countless college memories.And for those who don't agree here goes the justification list.

1) First and foremost food!!It has  been our dining hall for 4 long years!!!
2) It has been a patient listener of all our gossips.!!!and comments which we made at almost everyone who passed in front of us.(You can actually witness  top levels of creativity when  such comments are made)

3) The place where we had prolonged discussions regarding life,cricket ,teachers,exams,future ,placements,fests,politics,grudges,anger ,passion,etc....almost everything under sky:)

4) Was responsible for countless love stories (right from inception to breakup)

5) Has also been responsible for knowledge sharing too.Don't know how many concepts have been explained ,how many question papers and answers discussed!!!!,how many journals completed!!!

6)Well not to forget the teachers.I guess its the teachers who envy Katta the most.I still remember one of my prof asking me ...."give me one good reason why you sit on the Katta everyday and i will make you eligible for internal"(well at that time 70 percent of the class was not allowed to attend internal; a major chunk comprising of students  who made it a point to spend their times on the kattas matter what!).

7)And yes probably for some of us its the first place where we head to once we enter the college , Isn't It? 

 The list actually goes on.You people might be having so many things to add to this list.Don't you?....

Well anyways...
Katta ....miss you