Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Natures Allure

    It was just like any other day in office today.Everyone was busy with the daily routine of checking mails,attending unproductuive meetings,coding, design etc.Some were talking big jargons like reusablity,modularity,scalaiblity (i guess how much of it they actually understood).But by around afternoon something vivacious happened as mentioned below
"The Sun began to reduce its temperature and  gave control to the clouds.The Clouds collaborated and delivered collective masses of droplets called "rain".And the hailstones were the addons.And in order to make things much alluring "breeze" stepped in.What a moment it was today in Bengaluru.Thoroughly enjoyed the show put up by nature  today.

        But there were two things that prevented it from being completely ecstatic.First was the absence of our friends group which would have compounded fun and second was  the absecnce of sweet smile of the special girl.:-) :-).
Well i think today i realised to an extent ,what it means when they say "Find happiness in small things".Nature always has triggers that reenergize you and i think this was one such.!!!!


  1. very well written :) i can understand every bit of it cause i love rain more than anything in this world. :) keep writing

  2. nature adds its special taste to our lives wen we start connecting our lives with.........:)well written.....^_^

  3. Enjoy the life,simply dnt bcm mansik forget the past(smile f the girl...:)),cmin 2 fnds they r still wit u...:)