Friday, July 18, 2014

Zest--fuel for life

       Zest-- Probarbly one can call it a fuel for life.If there ain't zest all you have is a boring life.Here are the 5 things that add zest to my life...

           I am a singer by passion.Not a hobbyisist.A serious pursuer..The thing about music is that it just is applicable to every moment of my life..A happy song when i am in high spirits,a motivating song when i need some inspiration,a love song when  i am smitten by winds of love,or a sad song to accompany my tears at times..the list goes on..I have music walking always with me...
        And then i get to hear some sweet words like this whenever i perform or when people listen to my recordings
              "You made my day..."

              "I was sad and your song uplifted me"

              "It was just mindblowing..."

  And sometimes its a once in lifetime moment when a 60 year old uncle gets and starts dancing while you are performing "Batameez dil"

Sonu Nigam

           Well again its related to music...But yes i have to mention this guy..Arguably he is the most versatile singer and amazing performer...He sings almost everything under sun..The more you listen the more you get inspired to sing like him..And just not singing His live performance too...What creativity ,what innovation,what perfection coupled with a bit of dance moves and magical charm..Am spell bound everytime.And yes  there is always that zest to become like Sonu Nigam

Mike horn

          I stumbled upon this guy very recently..But when i did I was blown away..A legend of adventure and exploration in this current world..First person to have conquered Amazon alone,First person to have circled equator without any motorised support.First person to reached north pole during winter ...the list goes on,....

         What inspired me the most was that he made me realise the amazing power of human self.When he can achieve so much that too in such adverse circumstance...why cant we....?I am full of zest after knowing this guy :) :)

Spreading Smiles

         This is yet another thing that fills me with Zest.However small that might be-The fact that i am able to bring smile on someones face brings me utmost joy...Projects like "Smiles Project"( have inspired me a lot...


         Last but not the least my zest stimuli is Relationships...A loving conversation with Parents,A long walk along a beach with your love,A fun filled party with you buddies ...."Yahi to life hai Yaar"

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