Friday, June 28, 2013

Its all about dancing in rain...

On a rainy day,...Life had conspired a plot for me to unleash the realization that " Life can be simple yet can be immensely beautiful."...This is how it executed the plot....

           I was sitting in my sisters house reading a beautiful novel accompanied by hot-tasty coffee.Besides me was my niece (5 years ) old playing with her building blocks.

         The weather was at its romantic best.Clouds had a mixed texture of blue and dark colors.And Sun had turned red..The wind was blowing intermittently adding to the natures evening euphoria.And in the meanwhile  clouds moved closer towards each other and metamorphosed into tiny droplets of water and started kissing the earth.
          I being an adult was least bothered and didn't even notice nature's salsa.But my niece, was elated at the sight of  rain.She started dancing to the music of the nature.She ran out leaving her building blocks and got herself completely immersed in rain.She enjoyed every droplet kissing her;She was overjoyed when the droplet fell on her eye which made her eyelids kiss each other.

         She looked at me and said "Mama(uncle) come down ,lets dance in the rain".But my adult attitude made me ignore her.But she persisted .She in fact came inside and dragged me.I had no other choice but to go.

         But then what i experienced was something impeccable.I loved the rain as much as my niece did.The feeling of being touched by the purest form of water,can only be palpable.I danced with her too.. without any care in the wold soaked in the highest degree of beauty and happiness.

       While the dance was on ,my mind talked to me making me time travel to those days  when i was of my neice's age.I could remember that even i was in love with rain as much as my niece is.Then why did break up with nature for some materialistic pleasure.Why did forget the incessant beauty nature offered...

       But neverthless i was in love with nature again..Rather this time even more"..

      "Life is simple yet immensely beautiful"."Its all about dancing in the rain..."

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