Thursday, February 4, 2016

A singer who chose music over cigarette..

     Somehow things were not working for this Singer..He was doing everything rite.He was passionate ,hardworking .He didn't miss his daily practice..wrote songs regularly listened to the masters..But he was not able to win . Every time he went on stage his voice didn't support .resulting in an average performance...

    With a head full of thoughts he came out ,for a fag..Watching the smoke coming out of cigarettes he was thinking what went wrong. Cigarette after Cigarette were lit but no solution was found..He thought this wasn't working ;no solution seemed to come out..Amidst too much frustration he threw the cigarette butt ,picked up his guitar and was ready to go....

   Just when  he was about to leave, something struck.;.His mind recalled the words of  his teacher..
"Cigarette and singing don't go hand in hand.You have to choose between singing and smoking"..

Everything seemed clear now..The countless number of cigarettes he smoked ,the no of bad performances unraveled in his mind in a form of recap..He realized the reason for that raspy voice ,breathlessness and hence bad performances...It was that stupid smoke....

   There was one option ..Singing or Smoking. Singing was love for him and smoking a severe addiction.Giving up  anything of the two was bit challenging..But eventually he decided to let go of his addiction..He decided to kick the cigarette butt in its butt..

   It was pretty hard for him ..Everytime he went out or saw someone smoking he was attracted to smoke but the resolve in him resisted..Everytime he went out with friends for a drink he was made fun off for becoming a saint but his resolve kept him grounded.Also the withdrawl symptoms were killing him ..He went through severe headaches ,depression ,sleepless nights..But he tried to resist ,,

  It so happened that one day he lost control and went out and lit a cigarette...One puff inside he felt ashamed ..He thought of the past and the reason he quit it.He cried out of guilt..And then he came back with a stronger resolve...And he never looked back thereafter...

Fast Forward 2 months:

 He was all set to perform.There was a fear in him as to what will happen ..Slowly the music began...
And he started singing..There was no raspy throat nor there was breathlessness..His voice came out as smooth a silk...He closed his eyes and sang his heart out..when he finished the auditorium roared with a standing ovation..
 A small tear rolled from his eye..

A girl ran to him and asked ..How did he get such a beautiful voice....He just smiled and walked away in content....

He finally chose passion and music  over a stupid habit..He chose to make others happy through his music than just making himself happy...He chose music over addiction..He choose a life that had impact on others ...than merely wasting it..

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