Thursday, May 3, 2012

Insane Consumption of Beverages

Cardamom tea, Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Badam milk, Lemon tea, Bourn vita, Horlicks and many more!!!!! What z the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the above list.I
guess for most of them it would be the beverage vending machines in thier office. Just try
calculating how many gallons(bit exaggerating :D) of beverages have you consumed ever
since you have entered the corporate world.????? !!!!!!!Myriad isn’t it?

               No matter whether you are in a Software firm, BPO, Finance company ,or any other
Office; No matter whether you are on bench, or involved in a project or doing production
Support; No matter whether you are a project manager, or a developer or a team lead irrespective of
anything   one characteristic that cuts across all of them is "insane consumption
of beverages.”.

                Just a year ago when we were still in college it would just be 1 or two cups of
beverage a day  .Most of it would be coffee/tea. Latte, cappuccino "to door ki baat hai"
except when we had coffee day visits with friends and girl friends.

        But now things have changed drastically. ....Tea/coffee has been replaced by
latte,cappuccino,badam milk etc.Actually Lemon tea has turned to be the favorite drink of
many. As far as frequency of consumption per day is considered ....we start counting form 5 .And
some people don’t believe in consuming beverages in cups  . Therefore they have their own
Customized mugs(err..JUGS) for that.

         I guess whenever a company places a PO(purchase order) major one goes to Cafe
Coffee day,or Nescafe.

       But they are many logical reasons for this "insane consumption of
beverages" let me list down a few....

1) "No Reason"...this seems to be the biggest reason..because most of the time people
(especially  freshers) don’t know what to do and they end up with beverages..and  chit chat.

2) You can’t turn down your friends request..--Let’s assume that you have come to
office on time and you have already finished your first round of tea/coffee...An hour later your
friend  comes to office and says "Nadiyo cha kudud baron(chal chai peeke ayenge)" and you
are so good that you wont say no....and throughout the day such requests keep on coming...

3) You are developing a software ...and you are stuck .You feel that you badly  need a
break. Result: Coffee consumption.

4) You are on a night shift ...and there is no one apart from you. You virtually embrace
the coffee machine …!!!

5) You are amidst a boring ppt. You need an excuse to go out. You demand a
break. Result: Coffee consumption.

6)  Some managers prefer one on ones, priority setting, appraisal and incentive announcement
to be done over a coffee. You definitely won’t say no during such circumstances.

7)  You are in training. And as is the normal case most of the times you are sleepy. To
battle with sleep you use your most trusted weapon ....Coffee !!!

        This is just a small list. Feel free to add to this list...I have to stop this post here. Because one of my
friend is inviting me for a coffee and I can’t say no. ….:)



  1. hey cousin's cousin :P. great blog :D though m not "so" much into beverages, yeah but i dont deny the fact that i dont have them at all ;) and try customizing your blog page, like background picture or something, reflects your thoughts a lot :) happy writing :)

  2. i am very poor at beautification of blogs.may b u can help :D

    1. ow yeah i will :D anytime :)

  3. Enjoyed reading your post.