Friday, May 10, 2013

             "A thought perceived from a stranger" 

She came to us, gave a warm smile and talked in a very polite manner. Once she asked what she had to, she turned away with the same smiling face and went to others to talk, in the same manner. I think she might be a gal of around 22-25; She had a short, fair complexion with a gentle and attractive smile. She moved around as if she had some serious purpose to accomplish yet she seemed very happy giving a message that she enjoyed what she was doing.

It was a joyous experience watching and interacting with her…It actually made my day….not just mine even my friend who accompanied me ,experienced the same… Read along to know what it was….

Well this incident happened when I and my friend had been to CCD at Brigade Road. And the gal am talking about is the one whom we met at CCD. This gal who impressed us was none other than the waitress at the same CCD…JJ.Yes you heard it rite the waitress… and this is why we were impressed……

The way she approached, took our orders, served us was amazing. Amazing because she did it in such a manner that it brought a smile on our face, and we were compelled to appreciate her service from the bottom of the heart. It was not just us; she attended every other customer with the same enthusiasm, and warmth.

I have been to many restaurants, ccd, pizza chains etc wherein you find well trained waiter/waitresses. But I had never seen such a service .It was a weekend and the CCD was full of cute and Hot gals. But trust me It was the waitress that managed to hold our attention …..And as a matter of fact she wasn’t that good looking either…..: P

Definitely there was some magic in her and in the way she did her work.

 And i guess the reason for such a magic was in the fact that "she loved her work”. It seemed like every single time, every single customer she attended she did it with great joy. May be she doesn't earn so much but it was evident that she gave her 100 percent to her job. And trust me it’s a treat to watch when people love their job and give their 100 percent to it.

 As this incident happened a wonderful thought nurtured in my mind.”How awesome it would be if we also love our job and give our 100 percent to it, instead of just cribbing...about it….”..

  And yes before leaving we did complement her that we were impressed by her service and she responded with a cute smileJJ