Thursday, August 22, 2013

Screen Slaves

Our lower grade text books taught us “Get up early, brush your  teeth,drink water blah blah….”.The modern day manifestation of this is something like  “Get up at whatever time you wish,Open your mobile ,check for whatzapp ,we chat messages,check Facebook account,check mails…..etc”.I can see you people nodding your heads in agreement while you read this :-p

    This post is meant to celebrate our addiction to “Screens” .Read along to find out how much you fit in this scenario..

Let us examine a typical day in the life of so called modern professional.

1)      Get up ,check your mobile  err Smartphone for whatzapp/we chat/ messages;
2)      Fresh up yourself-now check mails from the “n” number of email  accounts you might have opened.
3)      Go to office-check official mails for a while and then switch to Facebook
4)      Like and comment stuff on Facebook and then switch to twitter.
5)      Then open TOI(Times of India) or any other newspaper and get acquainted with what is going on in the world…
6)      Then do some office work…get bored and reopen Facebook
7)      Harvest some crops on Facebook(Farmville) or Solve some criminal cases
8)      Keep on refreshing Facebook for new feeds to pop-in
9)      Else hook on to Reddit/Quora or start reading blogs
10)   Wrap up work  get into company  cab/bus and start playing Temple run or Fruitninja or Angry birds
11)   Reach home…switch on TV or  watch series…or go to a theater to watch a movie
12)   Check again to see if there is anything on the social networking sites…
13)   Sleep
14)   Repeat 1-14

Right from the time we get up till we sleep we are addicted to screens. Different screen sizes( viz smartphones,laptops,T.V.,Multiplex screens) have enslaved us.Unknowingly we have become the victims of a new kind of slavery called Screen Slavery.

I wonder how obsessed we have become with all these. We just can’t live without these.Be it in the name of socializing,entertainment,or information procurement we are just glued to them. While on the contrary we were the same people who have had a happy life without all these.But now all these have become an utter necessity.One can’t imagine his/her life without these…

While we are enjoying being "Screen Slaves" on the other hand we are missing so many things that screens cant offer.Just think when was the last time you have had a peaceful walk a midst nature having a nice conversation with your friend.When was the last time  you put your heart and soul in stuff that you love to do(Now don’t say I love to watch TV and I have been doing it regularly)..When was the last time you were soaked in the beauty of  a book,or you actually read  a newspaper in its “paper” form.All in all when was the last time you had a life without the involvement of screens..????? Hard to recollect ..isn't it?

 Just cut down on screens for a while everyday, you will have time to do some creative stuff. Life will be calmer and peaceful. You can actually socialize in person than on social networking sites.Your bonds might get strengthened. Instead of reading Inspirational stories and Quotes on Facebook,get out and start doing stuff.You may become more focused on your goals and success might embrace you sooner.

Let us stop being an e-zombie.Let us free ourselves from the “Screen-Slavery”. I end this post with this beautiful video that covers the gist of the post

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder"
Is what the world said
It is the unequivocal truth
My thoughts said

But my thoughts transformed,
The truth became a lie,

When i saw you

Beauty lies in your eyes
Beauty lies in your face
Beauty lies in you...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MTV Coke Studio Season 3

Music is celestial by nature. But its ethereal character is embellished by allure when it’s created in a sense of freedom. 

And MTV coke studio Season 3 promises to bring us such charismatic music.

The USP of such shows lies in the fact that they provide adequate  freedom to the musicians to create their own music; the music that they are passionate about. The music need not adhere to any  scripts or fit to certain situations. It can take its own form, travel its own journey in accordance with the imagination of the creator thus providing room for adequate fusion, collaboration and experimentation. The overall result is the emergence of some vivacious music.

MTV Coke studio season 3 is  already emanating promising vibes with its stellar line up of producers. The line up includes the following.

1 )A.R.Rahman:- After MTV unplugged this would be his second T.V. performance. With Shivamani also in his troop we can definitely expect some  magic from “The Mozart Of Madras”

2)Salim-Sulaiman:- The famous “Bollywood” music director duo with a fine sense of eastern and western music look promising .

3)Ram-Sampath:-He is known for his innovative sounds in the Bollywood arena .We can definitely expect some innovative touch here too.  

4)Clinton-Cerejo:- He has proved his mettle in the previous season with tracks like “Madari” and “Saathi-Salam.”.A lot of hope pinned up on him too..

5)Hitesh Sonik:- His tracks “Allah-hooh” and “Husna” left everyone spellbound in the previous season.Lets see what has he got in his repertoire  for us this time

6) Papon:- He is a guy gifted with a golden and melodious voice.This is officially his first project as a music producer .Will he surprise us or put us down? .lets wait and watch..

7)Amit trivedi :- A revolutionary music director as far as Bollywood is concerned mainly known because of his ability to produce innovative sounds.He had his share of fame in the last “Coke studio” Session with tracks like “Bari bari” ,”Banjara” and “Nirmohiya”.We can expect some reverberating tracks from this guy.

Apart from these producers we have some mind blowing singers like “kailash kher”,”Vijay Prakash”,”Sona Mohapatra”,”Benny Dayal”” Aditi singh Sharma” etc and Lyricists like “Amitabh Bhattacharya”,”Prasoon Joshi”,” etc  who will be part of the season.We also have many folk  ,desi  and  international artists who will be part of the musical extravaganza.

The promos are already out.And they look great. One of A.R.Rahmans song “Zariya” has already  been released and it has taken many hearts captive.You can find the promos and the song here

The first episode will be aired in MTV on Aug 17th 8.p.m.Do watch it without fail.Let’s Celebrate music.

And do read my blog Reciprocating thoughts and Passion for Reviews ,analysis and trivia of every episode of Coke studio.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Friendship Day :-)

A bond unconditional,
Yet sublime,
A bond void of expectations,
Yet full of joy,
A bond created by people,
But nurtured by angels
A bond called friendship
"Happy Friendship Day"