Wednesday, October 16, 2013

An Advice to Mark About our Country

The intent of this write up is to give an overview of India to my friend Mark(stays in UK) who plans to visit India For a trip.

Hi Mark,
                 First of all congratulations. Wonder why? Cos you have chosen a remarkably exotic yet unassumingly mysterious place for your trip. And that’s India. Exotic because it’s a land where in you will find tremendous treasure of culture and beauty and mysterious because of the sweet, yet confusing people.
Lets get on to the “exotic “part of India first..
1)      You are lucky chap because you are visiting India at the right time. This is the festival Season In India. The time when Beautiful Mother India is embellished with Festivals. There is Ganesh chaturthi,Deepavali,Durga Pooja ,Onam Going around this time. Your eyes will have a treat witnessing the beautiful  Idols of Lord Ganesha,Durga Mata, in almost every nook and corners of the country. The fireworks, the chanting of Mantras, Processions of Gods, and above all the positive vibe these festivals create is going to mesmerize you for eternity.
2)      Next up we have The beautiful monuments, temples that you can have a look at. There is tajmahal, Somanatheswara temple, Forts,etc.Every structure boasts of architectural excellence. Every carving on the stone is Intricate yet alluring. And above all every structure has its own story to tell.Dont miss on that
3)      “Yoga”-I don’t think you are unfamiliar with this.People in your country practice it to attain “mental peace”. And  you know what We Indians were the People to present this wonderful “yoga” to the world. Our martial art repertoire is not just limited to Kung-fu or karate. We have a wide variety in it too like the Kalaripayattu, Lathi etc .Do check them all.
4)      Indians are those species who have a lot of Creative Grey Matter in them.Dont be amazed if you discover so many forms of music and dance here. We have Hindustani ,Carnatic ,Folk music and as far as dance forms are considered we have Bharatnatyam,Kathak kuchipudi etc…
5)      Also do you know what we Indians are the One who gave the number “zero” to the world.

Well the exotic list goes on but now let me stop this and acquaint you with the mysterious India
Mysterious India
   I call India to be mysterious because of Its People. I can give you an open challenge that you will go  hay-wire if you try to understand us. I am not trying to intimidate you when I say this. Its not that we are bad or harmful people but we are very confusing.Let me make it clear to you…
1)      If you visit any vegetable market or you interact with an auto or taxi driver you will find People bargaining for hours in loud voices. The bargain is not for huge amount of money it’s just for a rupee or two. On the contrary you will find the same people helping the needy with money generously.
2)      You will see Neighbours fighting over petty things for hours. But the very next day you will find them celebrating birthdays, functions together with lot of fun.
3)      You will see the brainy Indians with tags of Multinational companies earning a six figure salary. But you can find the very same people sipping tea and chatting on the katta of a local tea shop.Btw Mark,Do try drinking tea at a local tea shop. Its one of the best you can ever get.
4)      We Indians are known for our hospitality. If people find you to be a good person they will treat you royally even though you are an outsider for them.
5)      And Lastly about Indian women. They are very sweet. But try misbehaving with them and you will experience the wrath of Goddess Durga.They  look great when they are in western wear but they make you go weak in your knees when they are in their sarees.Such elegant beauty they possess.

This is in short what I had to tell you about India. Do visit this place and you will experience many beautiful things. It will be a trip you will remember for long.

P.S.:This entry is for the Touch Thursday contest conducted by Preeti Shenoy.


  1. India--Incredible India..There is much more to see,do,hear in India..No other better Place I would rather be than India--I hope you friend you will be very happy reading this..

  2. Good one..:) congrats